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Modern Dadfare

I am a Dad, as you might have guessed by now.  A father, a pop, a daddy, a paterfamilias, a begetter, a forbearer, a parent, a procreator, a sire, a predecessor, a progenitor, I have officially become someone’s ancestor!  Wow, it didn’t make me feel too old until that last one crossed my mind!

I have a four year old son, which it’s unlikely that you’ve guessed at this stage of my blog, but it’s true.  He was born under somewhat unusual circumstances (but we’ll get to that later) and he’s kept us on our toes and in stitches ever since.

For those of you considering having children, you will no doubt hear it said that having kids will change your life.  This will usually be said by friends of yours who already have kids.  They’ll exchange knowing glances with other people in the room who have offspring and then look back at you and smile as if to say “Oh, are you ever in for it!”

Well it’s true.  Having kids will change every part of your life.  From your home to your work and from your laundry habits to your sex life, no part of your life will remain unchanged.  You will not sleep, eat, defecate, watch tv or go grocery shopping in the same way again. It’s a fact.

But don’t panic.   Isaac Asimov once said: “The only constant is change.”

While it’s true that everything about your life will change when you have kids, not all of that change will be bad and not all of the changes will be huge.  I just wanted to forewarn you that if you expected life to proceed as it always has, with the odd diaper change and bottle warming thrown in the mix, then you will be in for a wee shock.  Or a divorce because you’ve made your spouse do all of the child rearing on their own.

I’ve endeavoured to document some of the things that have happened to me since my own life was changed by the birth of our son.  This blog is the result.

For privacy purposes I’ve decided not to disclose my son’s real name, I hope that doesn’t offend anyone.  You look like very trustworthy, not pedophile-ish people, but I’m a Dad now and I can’t trust the entire Internet anymore.  We’ll just call him Nolan for now, which for the record, is not the sort of name I’d choose for any son of mine.  Not that there is anything wrong with it for other people, mainly those of you named Nolan.  For you, that’s a fantastic name!

This is a blog about fatherhood, but not just about raising kids.  It’s about my experience of being a man, husband and Dad and the million and one ways my life has surprised me, delighted me, driven me to the suburban outskirts of sanity, emptied my mind of patience, made me cry, given me joy and more than anything else, made me laugh.  Hopefully it’ll do some of those things for you.  Enjoy!

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